Why we work “above the line”.

It’s a recipe for productive partnerships

We take our brand values seriously, so when we learned about Jim Dethmer’s concept of Above the Line Leadership, it was a match made in culture heaven. If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, here’s the sparknotes:

Below the line – you are defensive, reactive, looking for validation, wanting to prove yourself right, resisting

Above the line – you are curious, open, in learning mode, asking “How can I grow from this?”

This manifests in our business as behaviors that indicate openness, security in each team member’s place in our organization, and taking accountability and responsibility. When we operate above the line, we see everything through the lens of a creator — as having the ability to impact and learn from our environment. This keeps us open, curious, and committed to learning.

Whenever we begin to explore a potential new partnership, we express that our entire team operates above the line.

  • We are open to new ideas and ways of doing things.
  • We let go of any need to be right.
  • We take responsibility, and forgo blaming or criticizing.
  • We abandon any notion of scarcity and believe in abundance, regardless of how competitive an industry is.
  • We are honest in our dialogue and seek solutions first.
  • We believe in continuous learning and education.

If everyone is aligned, we know that the partnership will be a highly productive, long term venture; where we and the client both win.

Curious about Above the Line Leadership? You can learn more here.