How to Grow a Podcast Audience: Part 2.

You Struck a Chord… In a Good Way

Let’s say you release a new episode of your show and share it on your social channels. A few hours pass and your subscribers listen and shoot you some comments as usual. But this time they are very enthusiastic — ‘this is so helpful!” or “I can relate to this so much!’

A couple days pass and you check analytics; you’ve gotten more new downloads than ever before. The best part? Your subscriber count seems to be growing at the fastest rate ever.

It’s official. You’ve gone viral.

This is a critical moment for your podcast. So what comes next? How can you keep these new listeners engaged?

What many people don’t mention is this: as hard as it is to get a soundbite to go viral, it’s even harder to maintain the momentum of your viral content after the fact. With a little strategy you can keep the momentum going, and maybe end up with another, more viral episode under your belt.

Here’s how:

1. Repurpose content.

There are countless ways to repurpose your show’s episodes. For example, you can share video snippets with subtitles on social media to attract new listeners. Alternately, you can reshare previous episodes that you feel are relevant to your industry’s landscape. This is also a great time to leverage your email marketing lists; repurpose previous episodes into downloadable content, like infographics and checklists. Anything that offers good value, helps people to solve problems, or enables them to take action, is an effective way to recycle your content.

2. Target a *very* specific audience.

While your podcast could be relevant to many listeners, choosing your niche is the key to growing a loyal audience. Rather than casting a wide net, pinpoint the unique value you bring to the world and consider the audience who is most likely to listen to (and benefit from) your show. The more specific your topic is, the easier it will be to identify and appeal to your audience. Maintaining a consistent focus will help you attract consistent and passionate listeners.

3. Leverage your team’s email signature.

This one’s so easy you’ll be mad you didn’t think of it already! You (and your team) are emailing people all day long… why not use that to your podcast’s advantage? Depending on your email platform, there are several ways to create professional email signature graphics for your entire team to promote and share your show.

So maintain that momentum, and never let a good opportunity go to waste. Especially the simple ones!